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Top 10 High End Dishwashers Reviewed For You

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Buying the perfect high end dishwasher for your upscale kitchen can be quite a mind racking task. In a situation like this, our first advice would be to go for a top-ranked dishwasher which can not only just clean but provide you with functions where sky is the limit.

Dishwasher brands like Bosch, Frigidaire and Fisher Paykel comes with features which will blow your mind. They come with both aesthetic features along with the best functional ones which have helped them to make a solid position in the category of “luxury dishwashers”.

Here, we have put up a list of top 10 High-End dishwashers which are currently available in the market. This is going to help you choose the correct one for you.

Top 10 High-End Dishwashers In Market Right Now


The GE PDF820SSJSS comes with advanced wash systems and is built with 140 cleaning jets which provide you with a complete washing coverage to each and every corner of the dishwasher. The upper rack of this dishwasher is adjustable and contains 2 stem safe shelves. 

The adjustable rack helps you to accommodate tall dishware while leaving you more than sufficient amount of space in the bottom rack for large platters and even cookie sheets. This model of dishwasher manufactured by GE comes with a hidden vent with fan dry which dries off dishes quickly and very effectively by extracting moisture from the interior.

The jet sprays hit from various angles helping you to achieve a squeaky and impressive cleaning of your dishes.

The Auto Sense Cycle maximizes energy savings by adjusting the soil level. With its easy maintenance feature along with clean design and smart functions, this GE PDF820SSJS is a great dish washing model for your upscale kitchen.

# 2  Bosch SGE53X55UC 300 Series

Bosch SGE53X55UC is one of the top rated dishwashing machines in the 300 series launched by Bosch. It is known to be the quietest in the class with a noise of only 46 decibels which is practically unheard of unless you are standing right next to the machine.

It comes with the companies patented Rackmatic Feature which offers three height levels of the adjustable racks- which means you will be able to achieve nine possible rack positions.

One of its most unique features is its water softener which ensures spot-free cleaning and providing you with squeaky clean dishes. It also comes with the Aqua Stop Feature along with four part leak protection which in turn prevents wastage of water throughout its use. The 24 hour delay Start Timer helps you to set the dishwasher even at off-peak times.

The features, the functions, the size and the aesthetic look, overall, make the Bosch SGE53X55UC a great buy- perfectly looking into your cleaning requirements.

# 3  Fisher Paykel DD24DCHTX9 Double Dish Drawer

The Fisher Paykel DD24DCHTX9is the perfect dish washer for your upscale kitchen which opens like a drawer, hence saving up a lot of your space in the kitchen. The Fisher Paykel DD24DCHTX9 is a double drawer unit which measures about 24 inches in width. 

However, the plus point of this model is that it does not come with any significant capacity restriction. The separate self-contained drawers make the model technically two dishwashers in one machine.

Even though both the compartments draw hot water from the same inlet- both the compartments are capable of running independently or concurrently.

It comes with separate timers, detergent dispensers and even rinse aid reservoirs which makes it capable to tackle dishware in its own way. It’s even got a separate salt compartment which helps it to tackle water hardness. The controls are simple and the dishes emerge spotlessly clean. The Fisher Paykel DD24DCHTX9 is one of our top-rated dishwashers which are currently available in the market and the price justifies its looks, features and cleaning capacity.

# 4 Bosch SHXM78W56N 800 Series

Who isn’t a fan of dishwashers launched by Bosch? Well, we sure are. The Bosch SHXM78W56N of the 800 series is worth the money from all angles- features, looks and functionality. It is one of the top-ranked dish washing machines available in the market and is mostly popular for being the quietest one among all others.

The Bosch SHXM78W56N comes with top notch features and functions which makes it one of the highest performing machines. This model comes with adjustable folding tines which provide you with more loading choices and is super-quiet as already mentioned earlier. The Bosch SHXM78W56N is one of the technically sound dish washing machines as it comes with touch controls and also smartphone connectivity.

This dishwasher comes with 6 wash cycles including Heavy, Auto, Eco, Normal and Express. You can even choose up to a 24 hour delay with optional features of Half Load, Extra Shine, Delicate and Sanitize.  With all this in mind, the Bosch SHXM78W56N makes its stronghold in our list of top ten High-End dishwashers.

# 5  Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9N

The DD24SAX9N is another High-End dish drawer launched by Fisher Paykel. They are designed in such a manner that cleaning dishes have never been easier and quicker. This model comes with features such as fast wash, delicate clean and heavy cycle which perfectly fits your needs and requirements.

These dish drawers launched by Fisher Paykel are easy to open and close because of their drawer style designing. These can also be conveniently positioned on bench heights without you having to bend too much. Amongst its features, it comes with 6 wash cycles and 3 wash programs which help it to achieve a perfect clean of dish wares. This too is a quiet performer running at a very low decibel rate and it is capable of doing its job perfectly without a fuss. The Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9N is popular for its reliability and wash performance because of its combination of intelligent technology and simple mechanics. This is indeed a model which is worth the money.

# 6​ Frigidaire FGCD2444SA 

The Frigidaire FGCD2444SA is a high performing and one of our best finds in High-End dishwashers. Its high performance capability lies in the fact that it is able to clean stubborn baked foods in just one wash cycle along with four times better water coverage. It can clean upto 14 place settings in one cycle giving you the provision for washing more at once.

The Dish Clean technology built in the model can even automatically adjust the cycle time based on the soil level of your dishes and how much cleaning it needs. One of the most unique features of the Frigidaire FGCD2444SA is that it comes with a Blade Spray Arm which gives a better water coverage for thorough cleaning.

The Frigidaire FGCD2444SA comes with a smudge proof stainless steel exterior which resists finger prints and thus cleans easily. It comes with multiple wash cycles along with a variety of wash options and is also Energy Star Certified.

With its looks, performance and features, the Frigidaire FGCD2444SA definitely makes it one of our best finds in the list of top ten High-End dishwashers.

# 7 Bosch SHX878WD5N 800 Series

The Bosch SHX878WD5N is another model from the 800 series which has High-End features thus giving the user a top notch performance of its functionalities. This one too comes with a variety of six wash cycles including Heavy, Auto, Eco, Normal and Express. There are further options of 24 hour delay, half load, extra shine, delicate and sanitize options.

These additional options refine the cycles further which provides us with a precise and spotless cleaning of our dish ware. The heavy cycle destroys all kinds of stains and removes any kind of re disposition of flecks of food. Therefore, this proves that the Bosch SHX878WD5N gives us cleaning near to perfection.

The mechanism of the Aqua Stop is also built in this machine which prevents any kind of leakage of excess water during the wash. The bottom line is that the Bosch SHX878WD5N is indeed value for money with all accessible features and the great aesthetic look of it.

# 8 Frigidaire FFID2426TB

To sum it up, the Frigidaire FFID2426TBis quick, quiet, dry and clean. The Blade Spray Arm which is exclusive to Frigidaire dish washing mechanisms gives the cleaning function full water coverage for a thorough and spotless cleaning.

The sanitize option of the Frigidaire FFID2426TB removes up to 99.9% household bacteria from the dishware to be cleaned. This means that the machine is NSF certified. It comes with the Dish Sense Technology which adjusts the cycle time based on the degree of soil therefore giving them an accurate amount of cleaning as per their needs.

The Frigidaire FFID2426TB is energy star certified therefore reducing your utility bills in the long run. It is available in a variety of colours like stainless steel, black, white and black stainless steel. Over all, this dish washing machine is one of the top-rated models in High-End dishwashers and it justifies the value with its features, looks and of course performance.

# 9 Bosch SHS863WD5N 300 Series

What makes the Bosch SHS863WD5N make its position in our top ten high-end dishwashers list? Well, it’s the standard third rack. We all know the reason behind Bosch’s popularity in the dish washing market- the high performance machine, the sleek design, the utility consumption, the features and for their after sale service of course.

The Bosch SHS863WD5N definitely dries better, fit larger plates and dishware and also takes much less time in cleaning. Along with these broad features, it comes with their Rackmatic and Aquastop mechanism and reduced noise.

The new third rack of the Bosch SHS863WD5N has been specially designed to fit more than just silverware. It also comes with Water Softener, Easy Glide Wheels and Extra Dry feature which raises the temperature for greater moisture evaporation.

It comes in a variety of colours for you to choose from along with a  bar-type handle and various hidden features which makes the design of the Bosch SHS863WD5N all the more sleek and elegant. This one you can definitely go for if you are looking for a High-End dishwashing machine for your upscale kitchen.

# 10 EdgeStar Built-In Dishwasher

This Dishwasher launched by EdgeStar measures about 18 inches and has justified its position as one of the top ranked High-End dishwashers in our list.

This dishwashing machine can accommodate up to eight place settings and comes with a special silverware basket and also a cup tray. You can even choose from six wash cycles ranging from Heavy to Rinse Only. The EdgeStar built-in dishwasher comes with light indicators which tells us which wash cycle is in use. It also comes with buzzer sounds to indicate once the cycle has come to an end. This makes it a user friendly machine which can be installed for regular use.

The interior of this High-End dishwasher features two pull out dish racks along with the silverware basket and the cup tray.

High-End Dishwashers; Concluding Thoughts 

In conclusion, this is our compiled list of the top rated High-End dishwashers which exhibit top notch performance, feature, mechanism and of course sleek designs. Keeping in mind all the requirements, you can browse through our list and have a better idea about which dishwasher you should go for. We know how heckling choosing the right dishwasher can be.

So, if your budget is not a restriction, go for the best one! Your kitchen and you deserve it!

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