How to replace and fix your Dishwasher Heating Element?

Dishwashers are an effective tool for keeping a home sparkly clean and also assist in making home life much more luxurious and simple. Whilst some people enjoy being able to clean their own dishes at the benefit of saving money, others might not have enough time to do so and require a little extra help in the home so that they can continue to enjoy themselves.

The main purpose of a dishwasher is to clean the dishes fast and efficiently. One of the things that attribute to the dishwasher is the fact that this appliance can become quite costly and has a lot of different parts that are quite difficult for the regular homeowner to understand. It is equally important to understand that problems can and will arise so it is important to know what you’re dealing with.

One component that has the possibility of being replaced is the Dishwasher Heating Element. This is an important tool that is part of the dishwashing cycle and results in nice clean dishes at the end of the cycle that can easily be removed and stacked in cupboards in preparation for the next load.

Sometimes there can be faults in this piece, so it is important to know where to look and what to look for.


What should I look for in my dishwasher-heating element? 

One of the most common symptoms of a broken Dishwasher Heating Element is that after the drying cycle of the dishwasher and the machine says it is complete, the dishes are soaking wet and there is no apparent heat inside the dishwasher.

The heating element is meant to heat up the contents and remove the excess water from the inside of the dishwasher and the plates and cups that have just been cleaned. If you aren’t sure about what it is, check out:


GE WD05X10010 Heating Element Assembly for Dishwasher

GE WD05X10010 Heating Element Assembly for Dishwasher
  • Heating Element
  • Part Number WD05X10010
  • Genuine Replacement Part


This is essentially the main symptom that would prompt you to replace your Dishwasher Heating Element. Another effect of a broken or inefficient heating element would be that the dishes are heated up and the water is evaporated but not on a very significant scale. If there is still water residue, this may be a sign that indicates a problematic Dishwasher Heating Element.


What should I look for in a replacement Dishwasher Heating Element? 

There aren’t many factors that go into the replacement of a Dishwasher Heating Element because it is a very specific part of the dishwasher that cannot be customized as well.

Regardless, there are still conventional points that you should follow when making your decision on a replacement to ensure that the new item does not break in the same manner as the previous one and that the future life of the dishwasher is maintained.

You should mainly focus on the following points:

  • Brand of Dishwasher Heating Element
  • Replacement number
  • Genuine replacement parts
  • Price

You should endeavor to investigate the brand and model of your dishwasher to make the search for replacement Dishwasher Heating Elements and any other part a much easier adventure. Most dishwashers will have a logo on the front that indicates the brand, with the model details contained on the top of the door.

Sometimes you may have to consult a manual to find out additional details.

Finding a replacement part of the Brand and Model is the first key step to finding a replacement and preventing incompatibility. For specific brands, try:


Dishwasher Heating Element for Frigidaire, 154825001

ERP 154825001 Dishwasher Heating Element
  • Brand new dishwasher heating element replaces, Frigidaire, Sears, Kenmore and other Electrolux brands, 154825001.
  • Replaces part number: AP5628696, PS3653449, 154482901, 154663801.


With regards to replacements you never want to purchase items that are very specific and risk not having one that is suitable for your item. There are also other factors to consider along the way, so you should not stop at the same brand and model.

Finding a replacement number on the part ensures that you can make a simple and easy replacement. You also want to verify that is genuine, to improve chances of a successful replacement.

Price is the last item to consider if you’re adamant you do not want a branded part. Prices can range from $10 up to $50, so you need to be sure that you have found the one you want. Check out:


Whirlpool Dishwasher Heater Element W10134009 8572861 8563007

Whirlpool W10082892 Heater for Dishwasher
  • Works with models: 7GU3200XTVY2
  • GU3200XTXQ0
  • GU3000XTXS0


Key Takeaway: With regards to the items listed as good replacements, it should be noted that they should not be used to replace dishwasher-heating elements for other brands and models of dishwashers. Attention should be made to the part number and the genuine nature of the part to ensure that only the correct parts are used.


How do I replace the heating element of my dishwasher? 

If you’re going to make the replacement yourself, here are the steps to doing so safely:

  1. Gather your supplies (Wrench, screwdriver, ohmmeter to test part and replacement part)
  2. Turn off electricity to the dishwasher through your home’s circuit breaker.
  3. Disconnect the heating element wires from their terminal.
  4. Use an ohmmeter to determine that the heating element really is blown.
  5. Remove the screws or nuts holding in the heating element.
  6. Remove the heating element
  7. Check the connections to ensure replacement can be installed.
  8. Install the replacement Dishwasher Heating Element.
  9. Reattach wires to original places
  10. Turn on electricity and test out the dishwasher.

Key Takeaway: If you follow these simple steps and replace the part with success, you should have a working dishwasher with a brand new replaced Dishwasher Heating Element. With all of these steps and information in mind, finding a replacement dishwasher-heating element should not be entirely difficult.



As always, ensuring your own safety and the safety of others is the most important aspect when making any types of replacements to your own household goods and appliances. If you find yourself having trouble with making your own replacements, do not worry to contact a professional who can assist you further.

Whilst there will be a fee incurred for their time and the tools they use, you can sometimes minimize the effort required finding the replacement part and they will bring one with them. In the end, you should have a working restored dishwasher.

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