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GE Dishwasher GDT580SSFSS Review; Good Product, Better Pricing

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The primary objective of technological advancements to ease human actions has always stayed a step ahead of our expectations. Automated dishwashers have been a trend since long and after reviewing almost 100s of blogs and online reviews valued by customers and also interviewing a few real user, the assurance we can give you is,  GE GDT580SSFSS is one of the best and reliable dishwashers of all time.

GE Consumer and Industrial is a well known name in a maker for the quality of its integrated equipment systems and service. The solutions are tailored to the needs of commercial and residential purposes that is today catering to more than 100 countries. The company has been into an aggressive mode of delivering advanced and reliable technological solutions to the market making it their unique selling proposition.

Dishwashers are a great need for every kitchen making your work more simpler and fast.

GE  GDT580SSFSS Key Parameters

GE GDT580SSFSS dishwasher is a value for money product that not only keeps your cutlery clean and fresh but also keeps you away from any working failure hassles. The product has a grossing market since it was first launched in August 2016.


The stainless steel framed interior of the product brings you the best experience in terms of its attractive appearance giving it a sharper look and durability that lasts long. It weighs a moderate 136 pounds with a dimension of 23*24*34 inches.

This dishwasher keeps proper care of your utensils and ensures that they are washed properly. The stainless steel blade, rotating at 3,600 RPM keeps all the plates and dishes intact to their position while pulverizing all the food particles.


It helps to prevent large particles from clogging the wash arms allowing an easier and smoother performance. This is a great advantage that GE GDT580SSFSS dishwasher has over other similar product in the market.

As featured by the brand, this new series of dishwasher comes with the latest Piranha Hard Food Disposer along with a removable filter for easy maintenance. The technical design has a full extension of a smooth gliding upper rack with an adjustable middle rack as other latest models available do have a v-shaped third rack. The good thing is GE kept on developing the product through the years. 

Giving a faster, noise free dish-washing experience, GE GDT580SSFSS are ensured of constant dish washing for a longer period of time. The company features the product with 65% more washing power than ever.

Ease of Use

They are proud of the fact and of delivering washing power to every rack separately. This separates it from its predecessor GE dishwasher models.

The product makes it much easier to adjust the upper rack 2 inches upward or downward that perfectly suits the size of a taller glass of 11 inches. This deep tier adjustable rack system comes with 2 stem safety option that is easily adjustable with just a touch. This is what the latest technology brings to us.

Don't worry, the bottom rack already has enough space for larger platters and utensils. Loading and unloading have never been this easy and noise proof with purely adjustable and durable racks that sits on ball bearings for smooth extension.

Wait! it doesn't even end here. This  product has so far been a lot ahead of the already available products you have. Suitably operated in both commercial and residential uses, GE GDT580SSFSS dishwasher lets an additional layer of care and product functionality when used for restaurants where the flow of used dishes are at its peak and needs to be cleaned at earliest.

The company claims clean washing of the dishes within 4 wash cycles operating with 10 advanced options having an energy star certification in its name. It has 16 place settings allowing easy adjustments with silverware jets blast away stuck on food for deep cleaning.

Most importantly, GE group offers 10-years replacement on their major product to make their customers trust the brand upon purchase and make them use the product reliably over the years.

Features of GE GDT580SSFSS Dishwasher That You Will Love

GE GDT580SSFSS Dishwasher has already set a benchmark for GE Consumer and Industrial The main features of the product, in a nutshell, is a narrower version of its successor that perfectly fits the needs of medium sized restaurants and domestic purpose.

Anti-jamming Piranha hard food disposer

The latest piranha hard food disposer grinds food particles more effectively before they are drained out. This ensures that the sink passage is clean and eliminates the need to pre-wash the dishes before putting them into the washer. 

The stainless steel interior of the disposer keeps it away from corrosion giving it low maintenance and high performance structure. This is one of the key notable features that come with GE GDT580SSFSS Dishwasher  at a price tag much lower than what offered by its competitors.

No noise dishwasher with efficient fan dry moisture extractor

Remember how your dishwasher made that weird noise at every cycle? Well, GE GDT580SSFSS comes with better sound absorbents and a smoother operational performance delivering a noiseless and quiet washing experience.

Along with efficient cleaning of the dish, the product offers an additional feature of fan assist dry with its hidden vent. The fan efficiently exacts the moisture from the interior delivering out a clean and ready to use dishes. You can say goodbye to dry your dishes after it comes out of the washer.

Flexible and adjustable racks

Except for the lower rack, both the middle and the top racks are easily adjustable to the size of the dishes. The upper rack can be bent upwards or downwards to fit platters and large glasses up to 11 inches. 

The best part is, it does affect the capacity of the dishwasher to hold the number of dishes it generally promises. The ball bearing design allows smooth and soundless extension of all the racks.

Most importantly, the lower rack allows you to easily fit your dishes with adjustable holding joints and option for multi-position dish placement. This makes the product more flexible and suitable to wash and clean any type of dish at one go.

GE GDT580SSFSS Dishwasher Pros Cons and Our Verdict 

From our research on internet as well as with the real users, we have listed down all the possible Pros and Cons of the model and at the end we will also provide you with our final verdict on the product.


The advantages of the model has been noted by many of its users. The prominent pros of the products can be listed as

  • Works fast and flexible with adjustable racks.
  • Less noise and works silently keeping your kitchen quit while your dishes are washed clean.
  • Longer durability and the 10 years warranty on main components keep you free from any worry for years.
  • Easy access with a single push button system and 10 separate options.
  • Lightweight with huge space inside. Enough to clean off a day's platter at one go. Works great for medium restaurants and domestic purpose.
  • Efficient customer support from the company assists you in dealing with any faulty situation at ease.
  • The competitive price tag with a range of features, that usually comes with a higher price tag.


Now, we can never define any product perfect to its core. Based on practical usage, users have reviewed the product with certain flaws that even the company cannot deny.

Here is the list of disadvantages of the product from its user perspective.

  • The cycle of washing is limited to 4 cycles. Additional push to work often blocks the latches after heavy use in a single run.
  • There are also notable issues on the door latch of the product (though it depends on usage).
  • Limited capacity to hold up to 16 dishes at a go. 5 piece of dish sets for each rack.
  • No concealed heating element or heat blower to clean tough stains on dishes.

Our Verdict 

We cannot expect all technologies put together in a perfect dishwasher at such a price tag promising a lasting duration. It is a machine after all. According to many customer reviews on Amazon, Yelp and other online review portals, customers are happy with the performance and quiet washing experience of GE GDT580SSFSS.

Few customers had their concerns while receiving service from the company and while replacement, but that cannot to counted as a flow for the product. 

Overall, the whole package with a very competitive price tag makes this is a compelling product for customers who loves top class performance within budget. Also, ease of usage, GE trust and the models ability to be used in even light commercial purposes makes it a must consider in your journey to select the best Dishwasher for yourself. 

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