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Frigidaire Dishwasher; How To Use?

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Here in this article, we shall discuss in details about the Frigidaire Dishwasher and how it is used and how users have recommended it.

We all know what a dishwasher is, don’t we? Well, mechanical dishwashers are used for cleaning dishware and cutlery automatically without relying on manual and physical scrubbing.

A good dishwasher usually consists of 6 wash cycles with a variety of options for you to choose from based on your cleaning needs.

The Frigidaire Dishwasher; Why Buy It?

The Frigidaire Dishwasher claims its popularity for being the most energy-efficient and economical dishwashing machine. The company is known for manufacturing a range of basic dishwashers which do not come with many fancy and extra features but definitely serves your purpose.

Using Frigidaire dishwashers are cost-effective for the users as they make some of the least expensive models in the market. Therefore, if you are looking for a good dishwasher without making a hole in your pocket, then Frigidaire dishwashers are worthy of your consideration.

The dishwashers manufactured by Frigidaire usually come from two to seven wash cycles and have cleaning features ranging from Heavy to Rinse Only. They further have additional features like High, Sanitize, Air Dry, Spray and Scour which you can customize according to the cleaning needs of your dishes and cutlery.

Some of the Frigidaire Dishwasher models come with an option- My Favourite- which you can program to your preferred settings for a quick start. However, the wash cycles and the optional features are different for every model.

Therefore, in case you have any specifications for your needs, make sure that your needed option feature is present in the model you buy.

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Frigidaire Dishwasher; How to Use?

Here is a detailed guide on how to operate the Frigidaire Dishwasher.

Loading the dishes

Make sure to scrape off large chunks of food completely from the plates and cutleries. Remove any kind of hard bones, toothpicks or pits from the plates and cutlery too. The constant wash fluid will take care of the remaining food particles.
In the case of burned-on foods, loosen them before you load the dishes. In case of glasses and cups make sure to empty the liquid from them.

Food items like mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, lemon juice or other tomato-based products must be rinsed off completely as they might cause discolouration to the dishes and cutlery if they are kept for a long period of time. Use the rinse only cycle for this if you are not operating the dishwasher right away.
Make sure to load the racks in such a way that the detergent dispenser does not get blocked by the large items.
If you notice that the dishwasher has drained into a Food Disposer, it is important to completely empty the disposer before starting the dishwasher.

Adding dishwashing detergent

The detergent dispenser consists of the main wash cup where the automatic dishwashing detergent must be added. Never use any other detergent which might throw the machine off from working properly.

The detergent must be added right before starting the cycle to avoid any kind of caking of the detergent. Always avoid using moist and caked detergent as it may not dissolve properly.

Add rinsing aid, if required

Rinse aid enhances drying and removes any kind of water spots on the dishes and cutleries. To add liquid rinse aid, all you need to do is open the cover of the dispenser which is located next to the detergent cup and pour the rinse aid until it touches the indicated fill level. Then, close the cover. This prevents the formation of water droplets which might cling onto the cutleries and leave spots.

Running the hot water: Open the faucet with hot water which is placed nearest to the dishwasher. Once the water is hot, turn off the faucet.

Choosing the Wash Cycle and Option Settings

The next step is to choose the wash cycle according to the amount of cleaning required by the dishes. You can choose from Heavy, Normal, 30 min Wash, China Crystal, Energy Saver and Rinse Only. Each of these wash cycles come with specific default settings and additional options of Scour, sanitize, air dry and spray.

However, China Crystal wash cycle and rinse only wash cycle do not come with additional customizable settings. It is important that you follow the cycle chart thoroughly to understand which cycle should be recommended as per your needs.

Quick Starting:

For Quick Start press onto the Start/Cancel pad and close the door immediately.


Frigidaire Dishwasher: Positives and Negatives

In this part, we will take you through the pros and cons that we have encountered as a user of this dishwasher brand. If you are planning to buy one, this will be helpful.

Pros of Frigidaire Dishwasher:

Let us now discuss a little about the pros of the Frigidaire Dishwashers and how they are beneficial for the users.

Technology behind it

Frigidaire Dishwashers use their trademarked OrbitClean technology which comes with a specifically designed wash arm and an oscillating sprayer which helps to cover a large surface area. The Orbit Clean technology specifically helps to clean tough, dried and baked-on food better than any other dishwasher traditionally available in the market.

Along with OrbitClean Technology, the company also makes use of the AquaSurge Technology which helps the user to adjust and regulate the water pressure as per it is required by the dishes. This technology particularly helps in customizing the wash from delicate cleaning to hardcore cooked-on mess.

Drying Performance

The Frigidaire Dishwashers comes with excellent drying performance which dries better and also in much less time.

Usage Variety

The Frigidaire dishwashers are manufactured in such a way that they can clean dishes of all sizes. It comes with an adjustable rack which helps in spacing it comfortably according to the kitchen tools and dishes of all shapes and sizes.

These dishwashers’ capacities usually range from 12 to 14 place settings which are more than enough for regular daily use for both domestic and commercial purposes.


As already mentioned earlier, Frigidaire manufactures highly economical dishwashers which are cost-effective to users. Depending on the model, it comes with 2 to 7 wash cycles and additional customizable features which are available at a very affordable price.

Its features also include a “My Favourite option which helps you to program your most used and preferred settings for a quick start.

All these dishwashers manufactured by Frigidaire are Energy Star qualified which makes them meet the guidelines provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. This makes them extremely energy efficient by reducing carbon footprint and thus helps in protecting the environment.

Cons of Frigidaire Dishwasher:

With all the pros discussed above, let us now talk about a few cons that you might face with Frigidaire’s Dishwashers.

Constrained Capacity

As already mentioned, depending on the model Frigidaire’s dishwashers come with a capacity range of 12 to 14 place settings. The low end models usually have a capacity of 12 while the high end ones have a capacity of 14 place settings. Even though this capacity might be satisfactory for most of your dishwashing needs, it may fall short when compared to the top models of other dishwasher brands. There are dishwashers available which consist of a highest-capacity of 16 place settings in a single wash cycle.


The noise produced by Frigidaire dishwashers usually ranges from 47 to 62 decibels which might not disturb you, but we cannot really claim it to be a quiet machine. There are dishwashers of other top brands available in the market which produce sound less than 39 decibels.


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Key Features Frigidaire dishwashers

Let’s elaborate a little further on the key features of Frigidaire’s dishwashers.

  • OrbitClean Technology: Frigidaire Dishwashers come with their trademarked OrbitClean Technology which comes with an oscillating sprayer. This helps to cover more surface area of cleaning.
  • AquaSurge Technology: This specific technology helps the user to control and regulate the pressure of water as per their desired cleaning needs.
  • My Favourite Option: This option helps the user to pre-set their settings for a quick start without having to manoeuvre their regular setting requirements on a day to day basis. 
  • Additional Customizable Features: Along with the additional regular wash cycles of Heavy, Normal, 30 Min Wash, China Crystal, Energy Saver and rinse only, Frigidaire dishwashers come with additional features help the user to customize their wash cycles with options such as high, sanitize, air dry, spray and scour. This helps the cleaning just like you want it.

Our Verdict:

So, if you are scouring around for an energy-efficient and an economical dishwasher then you should go ahead and begin your search with Frigidaire’s dishwashers at once. These dishwashers surely offer great features and setting options at a reasonable price and you will be glad for not having that hole in your pocket.

They come with a decent amount of capacity, wash cycles, options and features which are going to be more than sufficient for your regular dishwashing needs. Even though they are not really the quietest of the dishwashing machines available in the market, they can definitely get your dishes sparkling clean like many other dishwashing brands and are more than well equipped to compete with most of the top dishwashing brands we see around.

So, make sure to choose the right model as per your specific requisites as the features, capacity and technology of these dishwashing machines keep varying from model to model.


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