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Best Rated Dishwashers Under $500; Top 5 To Choose From

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Looking for best rated dishwashers under $500 ? Then you are at the right place and please read on.

Budget Doesn't Mean Low Performance

Lets dwell a minute on bursting this myth for you. 

We all know how dishwashers are life savers. Therefore, having a dishwasher at home is nothing less than a necessity. However, looking around here and there we all know how the branded and well-performing ones can proportionately cut a hole in our pockets- the better the features, the more the money.

But, if you are a practical shopper then you will know quite well that spending more money does not always get you durable and high performing gadgets like a dishwasher. So, it is important that a perfect balance is struck between cost and performance.Hitting the sweet balancing spot between these two criteria is where you get the most value. While buying a dishwasher, budgeting is important. 

But we’ll like to let you know something. With a big budget you are sure to receive high-performing and smartly featured dishwashers but if you have a smaller budget, then that does not mean you will have to settle for a low performing dishwasher where you have to compromise with its function of stain removal.

Therefore, to help you out, we have brought to you a list of the best and top-rated dishwashers which are available under $500.

Top 5, Best Rated Dishwashers under $500


Bosch SHE3AR76UC Ascenta

Bosch SHE3AR76UC of the Ascenta Series is a 24 inches dish-washing unit which comes with performance and features which are great for regular use. It is capable of washing from lightly soiled to heavily soiled dishware without any hassle. This one is definitely an energy-efficient dishwasher which will not make a hole in your pocket through its utility bill.

What We Like In It?

The Bosch SHE3AR76UC is a built-in dishwasher which comes with 6 wash cycles and with that you receive two additional wash options too. Even though the additional was options might seem to be less, the variety of wash cycles suffice for different washing situations. However, it does not come with a child lock or a rinse only option.

The Bosch SHE3AR76UC is an integrated dishwasher which is likely to meet your regular daily needs whether you live alone or have a large family. It comes with two full racks with the upper one being adjustable. Both the racks come with flip tines which help you fit certain items of washing more easily and conveniently.

In terms of energy consumption, the Bosch SHE3AR76UC consumes about 279 kilo-watt energy annually which makes it one of the lowest consuming unit when compared with dishwashers of other brands of this range available in the market.

Bosch is known for the warranty and the after-sale service it provides to its consumers. Like other branded dishwashers Bosch gives a one year warranty on its labor and parts along with a five-year warranty for its racks and electrical systems. However, the tub and the door liner come with a lifetime warranty.

Great Value All The Way 

Over all, the Bosch SHE3AR76UC is a more than sufficient unit worth considering for the price you are paying. It is one of the most top rated dish-washing units which come under $500 limit.

Therefore the performance of the wash cycles along with the two washing options, the Bosch SHE3AR76UC of the Ascenta Series is therefore a great value for money.

Without any doubt this is one of the best rated dishwashers under $500. You can certainly go for it. 


Frigidaire FFCD2418UB

The Frigidaire FFCD2418UB is another top rated dish-washing model of 24 inches which is popular in the market for the features it comes with that too within a price range below $500. The following review will help you to have an idea as to how this model of dish-washing unit by Frigidaire makes it in our list of best dishwashers under $500.

What we Like in Frigidaire FFCD2418UB

This model comes with separate spray arms which provides a thorough clean to your dishes every time it is in use. It is such a high performing unit that it provides you with squeaky clean dishes after every wash.

Structurally it fits up to 14 place settings in a single cycle giving you an ultimate clean. It is a built-in dishwasher which comes with a heated drying system which dries off your cleaned dishes quickly by evaporating the excess moisture at one go.

With the multiple cleaning cycle options the Frigidaire FFCD2418UB features easy-to-use cleaning cycle options for various types of cleaning needs.

The cycle options include Energy Saver, 1 Hour, Normal Wash and Heavy Wash. The time-saving four-hour delay start feature helps you to run the machine on your schedule. You can set it to run up to four hours in advance.

The Frigidaire FFCD2418UB is relatively a quiet machine producing a sound of 55 decibels which is close not much given the cost. It also comes with self-cleaning filtration system, stay-put door for easier loading and unloading of dishes and most importantly it comes with a durable polymer wash tub which supports the entire drying process by keeping the dishes dry.

Energy Efficient,Feature Packed Choice 

And do not worry about its energy consumption capabilities. The Frigidaire FFCD2418UB is Energy Star certified which means that this appliance not only maximizes your energy saving but also reduces your utility cost in the long run.  

In short, this one is a great dish-washing unit where you will find features, performance and design all under $500.

# 3

EdgeStar BIDW1802BL

If you have a limited budget along with a limited space in your kitchen, then the 18 inches EdgeStar BIDW1802BL is just the right dish washing machine for you. It is indeed one of the best and one of the most top-rated dish washing units that you will find under $500.


What We Like In It ?

It comes with an eight place settings and features a silverware basket and cup tray. The EdgeStar BIDW1802BL has an automated leakage sensor which shuts off water flow when a leak is detected. This prevents you from any kind of water damage.

The digital display and the digital push button control panel make it an easy-to-use machine. The number of wash cycles available are six ranging from Heavy to Rinse Only. These wash cycles come with three wash options- Sanitize, Hi Temp, Heated Dry.


The wash settings are customizable according to your requirements keeping in mind the types of dishes being washed and also the type and degree of the soils on the dishware. The Rinse Aid compartment it features removes spots and dries off the dishes more quickly than ever.  

This dish-washing unit does not cause any kind of disturbance during its running time in terms of sound production. It produces only 52 decibel of sound which is so less that you will not hear it until you are standing right next to it.

It has two racks and two spray arms and also has a provision of a control panel lock feature which prevents any sort of accidental usage. The silverware basket and the cup tray allow you to get the most out of each load by maximizing the usable space.

All these wonderful features of the EdgeStar BIDW1802BL come under $500 and hence it makes its place in our list of best 5.

# 4

Frigidaire FGIP2468UF

The 24 inches Frigidaire FGIP2468UF is a built-in dishwasher which comes with a unique feature called the Dual OrbitCleanWash System. This particular feature helps to remove tough and dried soils which are mainly caused due to baked foods. The Frigidaire FGIP2468UF is guaranteed to clean such soils like no other dish washing units of popular brands which are available in the market.


What We Like In It ?

The Frigidaire FGIP2468UF also features excellent drying performance. It is a clear winner when it comes to competing with other dishwashing units- no other dishwasher dries better and in less time.

This is because the Frigidaire FGIP2468UF comes with a feature called the Maxboost Dry. It also comes with adjustable nylon racks and 14 place setting capacity.

This dishwashing unit provides you with 8 wash cycles ranging from Heavy to Rinse Only. Once again, you can customize these wash cycles as per your need and requirements based on the types of dishes and the degree of soil to be cleaned.

One of the most unique features of the Frigidaire FGIP2468UF is its time-saving 34 minute Quick Wash. This saves you time and cleans dishes in just 34 minutes. Its DishSense Technology automatically detects and adjusts the wash cycle on its own based in how much cleaning your dishes require for an effective clean.

Also, this dish washing unit is NSF certified like all the others in our list which means that the Sanitize Cycle of the unit removes 99.9% of common household bacteria. In terms of energy consumption it will not put a hole in your pocket as it is Energy Star certified.

We really liked the smart innovations and small tweaks that made a whole lot of difference for a user here. This is definitely worth considering. 

# 5


The SPT-SD9252SS is a built-in 18 inches dishwasher with a complete stainless steel interior- meaning that the dishwasher never rusts even though it is constantly exposed to air and water. This makes the SPT-SD9252SS a durable dish-washing unit and hence a great deal for its value. This is the primary reason why the SPT-SD9252SS makes it to our list of best top-rated dishwashers available under $500.


What We Like In It ?

Featuring an 8 place setting capacity, this dish washing unit operates without even making the slightest noise.

It also features six wash programs which include All-In-One, Heavy, Normal, Light, Rinse and Speed. This unit also features a Rinse Aid Warning Detector which gives you the ability to pause the cleaning for later in case something comes up during the cleaning process and while the machine is running.

The SPT-SD9252SS comes with a Time-Delay feature where you can allow the program to operate later and delay it to a maximum of 24 hours. The designing is compact which makes its appearance great and hence will make a great addition to your kitchen within a budget.

The compact size makes it very easy to place even in a kitchen with space crunch. Its operations and controls make it very user-friendly which in turn makes it a great dishwasher in the market and that too within a budget.


We are aware that all dishwashers that we find available in the market are not always the best ones- especially when you have a budget restriction. Therefore, if you are seeking to buy a dishwasher within a budget of $500, it is important that you go for machines whose worth has been proven by other customers.

So, with this list of our best top-rated dishwashers under $500 all we tried is to help you out a little in the search process. You can consider buying any of them for the best experience, performance and function without having to regret later.

Here presenting you a short analysis of which model is good for what. This should be helpful to you. 

Best Dishwashers Under $500 Compared

Bosch SHE3AR76UC Ascenta

Big Brand, Great Value.

Frigidaire ​​​FFCD2418UB

Feature Packed, Great Value 

EdgeStar BIDW1802BL

Smart Features, Sweetly Priced 

Frigidaire FGIP2468UF

Smart Innovations, Great Brand


Smart Model, Low Price

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